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Please post Feature Requests for PhotoZou here.
08-18-2006 16:26 ジュンヤ(Junya) (21)
  • A "private community" would be welcome...
    09-26-2006 08:34 unsubscribed user
  • Dfusz
    Please tell me how to "click" to select multiple photos to a community group. If there could be "private"communities that would be great.
    12-08-2006 10:55 Dfusz (23)
  • Dfusz
    Would it be possible to have "drag and drop" album to organize the order of photos?
    12-23-2006 15:26 Dfusz (23)
  • Dfusz
    Would it be possible to set "location" to United States Location? "location" presently has only Japan locations listed. This may be the reason my profile does not save to "United States" instead of Japan.
    04-19-2007 05:26 Dfusz (23)
  • PhotoZou
    Hi Dfusz,

    Thank you for inquiry. We will look into the problem ASAP.
    04-25-2007 12:51 PhotoZou (4)
  • Dfusz

    写真のジグソーパズル は楽しいですね。。。

    07-10-2007 14:36 Dfusz (23)
  • It would be nice if you could click on "next photo" and "previous photo" for photos in an album from the "available sizes" subpage, the way you can from a photo's main page. This would let you browse through all the photos in an album at a given size, rather than having to click to zoom in, click back, go to the next photo, click to zoom in, and so on.
    09-09-2007 08:54 unsubscribed user
  • PhotoZou
    Hi, jarandhel.

    Thank you for your comment. We are looking into your request and will add links so you can browse photos directly from the available sizes subpage as soon as possible.
    09-10-2007 12:06 PhotoZou (4)
  • It would be good to be able to download all the files in an album in one go. Other photo albums like picasa do provide that
    10-16-2007 08:56 unsubscribed user
  • Dfusz
    Would it be possible to continue to support the Javascript Photo Album plugin?

    My website does not accomodate the new album you're using.

    I don't like using anyone else's services.
    01-17-2008 00:40 Dfusz (23)
  • フォト蔵
    Hi, Dfusz.

    Sorry for the trouble. You need to rewrite the code of "the Javascript Photo Album plugin". If you rewrite "" to "", you can show your photos again.
    01-17-2008 11:15 フォト蔵 (87)